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How Does Ghostwriting Work?

 hello and welcome backtoday i'm going to talk to you about a writing coach or a ghost writer which one do you need to hire to get your book started finished published it's a question that we get asked regularly and there's quite a bit of confusion over what does a writing coach do what does a ghostwriter do so in this article i want to clear that up and hopefully you'll be able to leave knowing whether you need a writing coach to help you or you need a ghostwriter to help you get that book finished make sure to read all the way through to the end of the article as we have a really simple way to summarize and make your decision between the two but first we're going to go through i'm going to talk about writing coaches first ghostwriters after and cover all the things you need to know to make a decision on hiring either a writing coach or a ghostwriter well start with a writing coach what does a writing coach do they will help you.

 if you just have an idea so if you just have an idea for a book and you're not sure where to start that is a fantastic reason to hire a writing coach to help you get started you know get the book off the ground start outlining things and really kick off your writing the second reason you would consider a writing coach is if you have a body of work that you need to compile so you have again you have some ideas you've got a body of work you've got you know maybe you've got notes or it's a journal or a diary and you're just not sure how to compile all of this into a manuscript into something that you could go ahead and publish on top of that a writing coach is incredibly useful if you just need support and accountability so you're perhaps really struggling just to stay motivated with your writing you are procrastinating going off course maybe you're writing for a week and then you're leaving it for two three weeks then you come back to it for a few days and you're just really inconsistent with your writing what you probably need is accountability and a writing coach will do that for you so that is another reason to consider a writing coach number four as a reason why you might use a writing coach over a ghost writer.

 is that perhaps you have a very distinct unique voice that you want to use you know specific style or tone of voice that you want in your writing and really the only way to get that across is for you to do the actual writing of the book and that is again a scenario where you would rather a writing coach to help you deliver it in your way than have a ghostwriter take over and do all the right reason number five that you would consider a writing coach as opposed to a ghostwriter is that you are comfortable writing so maybe you enjoy writing you are good at writing but again you just need either that support you know structure accountability other you know reasons to push your writing forward reason number six would be a kind of an extension of five is that you find writing easy you understand common grammar rules and you know how to write you know you might not be hemingway but you can write a good uh first draft you know that would be the reason why you would want a writing coach as opposed to a ghostwriter.

 and reason number seven would be that you are motivated to write so you really want to get this book out there you want to do the writing that part of it is important to you but you want guidance support and advice as you go through the process and that's really where a writing coach can help particularly those that publishing push supply have a huge amount of experience in writing books they've written books that have been popular that have sold well so they actually understand the process of writing a best-selling book or a book that wins awards.

 now on to why you would want a ghost writer over a writing coach so potentially you have a body of work but it's really scattered so it's not nicely compiled as we mentioned if you're working with a writing coach it's maybe just all over the place and what you need is really someone to pull the story out of you so that might be over telephone calls or they might get you to record via audio device you talking through the story so that's where a ghostwriter can really take over and just say okay i'm going to take care of actually pulling drawing the story out and putting it all together and step two of that is very similar to step one in terms of having everything compiled so you may already have audio tapes we had a gentleman who did this recently throughout his life he had made audio recordings every few months or so to basically go back and look over his business decisions you know those elements of parts of his life and so we had these audio recordings already which we could just hand to a ghostwriter and they could take those and then go ahead and write number three is that you might have something already available so it might be a video it might be a course and really you would like a workbook or something to go along with that um in written form and that's where again a ghostwriter can be very effective because you already have something for them to read review and learn from and they can then compile a workbook or you know a textbook.

 from what's already available reason number four to hire a ghost writer over a writing coach is that you're just not a strong writer you just don't enjoy it at all and if that is the case then a ghostwriter would be a much better option than a writing coach it would be in a scenario where you recommend the value of having your work in the written form having a book available but you just have no interest in doing the writing and that is a perfect reason to hire a ghostwriter so reason number five might be that english is perhaps your is not your first language so for example if i was trying to write a book to publish in the spanish market i would have to hire a ghost writer because of course i don't know any spanish at all and if i was trying to learn and then write a novel it would be very difficult so that's another reason why a ghostwriter would be particularly useful if there was a market or a foreign language market that you wanted to make your book available in they could really help you with that of course an editor could help to some degree there as well but the main reason to hire a writer over a writing coaches you just don't have any interest in writing you just don't enjoy it you don't want to do it and that would be a reason to go for ghostwriting over writing coaching writing coaching is very much for the budding author the new novelist who needs some help and guidance along the way to make sure their first book is the best that it can be so in summary to sum it all up a writing coach is done with you a ghostwriter is done for you and that is the key distinction between the two services if you'd like more information about writing coaching and ghostwriting there is a link below in the description we hope you've enjoyed the article.

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