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How to Publish Your Book | Self Publishing

Hello and welcome to the hirmaal push  this is going to be the first in a series a long standing series hopefully of articles all about publishing um marketing you know and generally the industry as a whole the publishing push has been involved in this industry for around about seven years we've been helping authors publish their books promote their books market their books so we have of course some knowledge on the subject today we're going to talk about the ways that you can publish your book we're going to talk about traditional publishing vanity publishing and then also publishing services providers such as ourselves um we'll start off with traditional publishing because that is the most commonly known and probably one of the questions we get asked the most the benefits of traditional publishing the traditional publishing means that a publisher will come in they will pay for the editing proofreading the cover design they'll have sales and distribution connections and they will make your book available for you at no cost to you.

 so those are the main benefits of traditional publishing is that they will actually step in with you know high-level editors high-level cover designers and an infrastructure that's there to take your book from its manuscript form at the moment all the way through to a fully published book again at no cost to you there this does of course come with some downsides some of the major downsides being that you lose control of your book so the publisher will own your book they will own the rights to your book and they will decide what they do with the book that means they will take over creative control as well so of course that is a big negative for a lot of authors they don't want to lose creative control of their book the other is the time frame so from the point at which you finish your manuscript then you maybe find a literary agent and then that literary agent starts to get you interviews with publishers starts to put your book in front of publishers and perhaps eventually you get an offer that can take anywhere from six months to as long as two years it can be a really long process to get your book traditionally published on top of that once the book is actually with the traditional publisher there will then be a long time frame within there while they do editing they make changes it goes back and forth through departments so again the time frame on getting a book traditionally published can be years and years um that's not to say you know it could be quick you might see it six months a year if you're lucky but it's very unlikely to be that quick.

 another big misconception is that people think a big publisher will mean that their book automatically receives a really big marketing push and that the marketing will be fantastic and it will definitely sell as a publishing services provider ourselves we are inundated with contact from authors who are traditionally published but they need additional marketing help so they're coming to us for additional marketing help on top of what the traditional publisher is delivering that can be sometimes the book perhaps hasn't taken off as expected and so the traditional publisher has re-allocated the resources and is then putting those towards other books that are doing well authors worry if they're not seeing good results that of course their net they might you know that could be the end of their career in a way because another publisher might not take on their next book if that book that's already traditionally published doesn't do well so being with the traditional publisher is no guarantee of an excellent marketing campaign behind your book those are some of the pros and cons of traditional publishing you know you've got the fact that of course the costs are taken care of for you but you do lose creative control it can take a lot more time as well and although you may receive some sort of upfront payment and advance uh it will mean a big sacrifice to your royalties on the long term.

 other option that you'll often see quite regularly mention is vanity publishing so this is where the publisher will have a submissions process you have to submit your book they review your book and then they come back and they tell you if they like it much like a traditional publisher the differences with these vanity publishers is they will always come back and take your book more than likely what you'll hear is oh we didn't quite have the available funds to produce your book but we'd love to offer you a contributory deal is what they will offer you and this is where you will pay a contribution towards the publication of your book they will also though like a traditional publisher want to take a portion of your royalties and depending on the company depending on the deal they may also want some form of creative control over your book so this isn't to say that all vanity publishers are good or bad it's just very important to be aware of what the terms of this agreement are our approach personally has always been that if a traditional publisher is coming on board in taking all the fees they of course are entitled to the proceeds from the royalties they've taken risk because they've spent all the money to produce your book so they've taken on risk at the start the vanity publisher has managed to remove their risk of course by taking an upfront payment from you but then is also taking a section of your royalties so really they're in the best position because they get the best of both worlds they have that upfront fee and they're also taking a large chunk of your royalties the third option and this is the option at publishing push that we provide to authors so we are a publishing services provider what that means is you come to us with your manuscript.

 we will do proofreading copy editing book cover design distribution absolutely everything you need to take your book from a manuscript all the way through to a completely published book that is available globally it's available to physical retailers online retailers you know the list is is large and we do have links that can explain where we publish the benefit to you as the author is that you will pay of course the upfront fee you pay that fee up front but crucially you receive the book will be published within 10 weeks so it's a very quick turnaround you keep complete control over your book so you have final say on the book that gets published it's completely to your creative specification you can choose your book cover and again this will be approved by you before publication so you have complete control you own the book you own the copyright we hand over access to the dashboard at the end of the process so you can actually log in you can see your sales the revenues again get paid directly into your bank account so we don't sit in the middle as a middleman the money just goes straight to you and you get paid for the book sales that you have uh received so that very much explains where we fit into the market um based on the options that are available and the other major point is a lot of people worry that there's a stigma around self-publishing that stigma has been completely removed we get calls all the time from authors who have had traditional publishing deals they have perhaps even been offered a traditional publishing deal but they've chosen to go the self-publishing route because they get more creative control and they get a higher percentage of their royalty so for them paying the fee that we charge is a very small investment up front in order to reap the rewards of the royal the higher royalty rate and the full royalty rate long term so i hope you've enjoyed this video as i say we are going to be producing many more videos on all sorts of topics i'm happy to dive deeper on this subject if you wish we'll be covering book marketing questions all manner of questions uh please do comment below as well if you have any questions that's very useful for us in terms of the articles to come how we can elaborate what information that you would like about publishing about writing and about book marketing so thanks for reading  and i look forward to seeing you in the next article

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