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 hello and welcome back to another article we're going to talk about six words that we see in manuscripts all the time that editors immediately remove you don't need to include they take up your word count and they just add extra fluff to the story that doesn't need to be there if you haven't done so already the first word is that so we hear this word all the time and a good example is it's easy to see that the dog was hurt that sentence could just be it was easy to see the dog was hurt it doesn't need that that the dog was hurt it's just extra words so that can just be removed get rid of it it's just taking up excess word count in your manuscript the next is all of the you don't need the of again that can just be removed it can simply be all there and these might seem like small changes and you know little bits here and there but over the course of a novel particularly 70 80 90 you know 100 000 word novel or more this is really going to help you cut down on that word count.

 and that is for the reason that the book will be smaller so of course it's going to cost less to print and on top of that if you're thinking of going the traditional route for publishing publishers aren't keen on really long manuscripts so pay attention to these tips and the ones that follow to help you cut down your manuscript number three is really and very these just again are just added words they affect the sharpness of your storytelling uh particularly when you see these words you know they often will lead readers to think it's a more inexperienced writer so just get rid of them again they don't add anything to your story and you'll notice that with all of these tips it's really removing things to just add to the word count but don't add anything to the storytelling if you haven't done so already make sure to head over to which is our main website we actually offer a free review service where we will review the first three chapters of your book or first 10 000 words whichever comes first and give you honest impartial feedback on your book so make sure to head over there the link is below tip number four is sit down or stand up these words it's obvious what is going to happen next so if we say someone is going to sit well we know that they're sitting down again.

 if someone stands well we don't need to add the up it's obvious that they have decided to stand up i don't know anyone who sits down by standing so if you do comment below that is the idea with this it's just again added words where give the reader some credit you know they they can figure it out they know what you mean so these are extra words that we don't need to add number five is then so you'll often see this in manuscripts where such and such then this happened or such and such then the character went and did this because the story is being told in that active voice usually at that point so the story is unfolding we don't need the word then because of course this is all happening you know that is what is going to happen next so we don't need to say and then this happened because of course that is the next step in the story of the next thing that is going to happen so another word to help you cut down the length of your novel and just remove it all together where you can now of course and with all of these there will be certain instances where the word you know to add those extra words makes sense but be harsh with it and try and eliminate everywhere.

 you can and number six is sudden so this word we see used over and over where people want to make a sentence stand out by saying suddenly this happened or it was really sudden by using that word it actually removes the impact of that sentence because you are deploying the word sudden so we know it's happened suddenly if you structure the sentence correctly it will still be a surprise to the reader and the key with trying to make an impact that is you know a sudden change or a sudden shift is normally to keep that sentence shorter so reduce that sentence and really again just use the words you need to use to get your point across and deliver the message those have been the six words that we recommend you remove from your manuscript if you don't you will only be paying an editor or proofreader to do it for you so i would recommend those as a matter of course we hope you have enjoyed the article 

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